Vehicles and Push Bikes

All vehicle owners/drivers must abide by the following rules:

  • No unlicensed driving
  • Vehicle is to be driven at no faster than walking pace
    with a maximum of 8km per hour
  • Motorised bikes or other vehicles of any sort are not permitted
    for pleasure riding within the reserve

All push bike riders must wear a helmet and ride only between sunrise and sunset


All fires are subject to fire bans

Small open campfires are permitted within the fire drums provided.
Please do not place rubbish in the fires, this include, and is not limited to:

  • Plastic (food wrappers, bottles etc.)
  • Any type of bottle or can
  • Rubber
  • Glass

Do not use rocks near the fires.


We welcome many dogs to the Reserve, before deciding whether to bring you pet dog, see the following conditions:

  • NO dangerous/vicious dogs are allowed in the Reserve
  • All dogs must be restrained at all times - this also applies to any dog swimming in the river
  • Dog droppings must be disposed of in a plastic bag

Public Areas

There is to be no camping over/within the public areas such as the picnic table, barbecues and around the amenities block and kiosk

These areas are to be left clear so that all campers/visitors have access to them


Most campers visit the Reserve for peace and quite. We ask that all campers be aware of each other and restrict the noise level.

To do this, we have put in place the following rules:

  • No excessive noise at any time
  • Noise is to be limited to conversation level after 9pm
  • After 10pm noise is to be strictly minimal
  • No whip cracking at any time
  • No music after 8pm

All alcohol is to be consumed in moderation.

To make it fair amongst other campers and to save water, we would appreciate showers being no longer than 2 minutes per person

The River

Campers/visitors are allowed to swim in the river.
The Reserve takes no responsibility for any injuries that occur in the river.

All children are to be supervised when near the river

Be careful when swimming as the Logan River is known to have submerged rocks and logs.
Any person found defacing,removing or destroying any rocks or trees around the river bank will be charged with vandalism.

We advise against swimming in the dark.

Fishing is allowed in the river, but is strictly not to be partaken while there are any swimmers nearby.


Quiet generators are permitted within the reserve provided that it is left at your campsite while in operations

Generators cannot be put behind the tree next door or placed over the river bank as the noise carries to other campsite.
The generator is to be strictly kept within your campsite while being courtious of nearby campers/visitors.

It is recommended that the generators only be used between:

9:00am - 11:00am and 4:30pm - 7:00pm

Any person requiring additional hours must speak with the Park Ranger


Children under the age of 12 MUST be supervised at all times.

We suggest that you get your children use to the location of the kiosk in the event that they can't find their way back to your campsite.